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Our mission is to help students easily prepare for the test: to get them engaged and excited to achieve college admission and scholarships.

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About SIMPLE ACT Online Tutoring

As a private tutor for the past fifteen years, Mauri Artz has met many great kids who performed well in

school but who were not great test takers. Some of these students suffered from test anxiety, or maybe

found test prep material boring and too complicated. Many teenagers simply did not fully understand

that preparing for the ACT® and improving their ACT® scores could change their lives, through college

acceptances or through the receipt of more scholarship or “merit” money.

Simple Tutoring® was born out of the desire of nationally acclaimed ACT® tutor Mauri Artz to provide

easy access to excellent, proven, successful test prep methods to those students, at an affordable price.

Mauri, an attorney and an author, has tutored students privately at a fee of $150 per hour. In high

demand across the United States and in other countries, Mauri has developed a unique approach to test

prep that engages these type of students: those that even might, at times, be a little laid back about




The Public Tutoring Initiative:

The Parent Company of SIMPLE ACT Online Tutoring


It has always bothered Mauri that many of the students who could benefit most from her tutoring were

the very ones who could likely not afford her services, nor would they have easy access to find her

assistance. In fact, the wealthy students who can afford excellent tutors receive a huge advantage. Mrs.

Artz feels that after 15 years of profiting from this upside-down system, she is now devoted to “giving

back.” Her mission is to help all students prepare for the test, to improve enough to achieve admission

to college and/or to receive grants and scholarships, or to begin college without remediation. Therefore,

for every course sold on Simple Tutoring, she gives away a course to a needy student through her

Benefit Corporation, The Public Tutoring Initiative. To date, she has made her course available for free to

over 14,000 underserved kids.

Every point on the ACT® can make a difference. Students greatly benefit: at no risk, and with a minimal

investment, students may now reach for the stars and feel much more confident doing so.